The Publishing Process and How YOU Can Help

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A few of you have said you don’t fully understand why we started our website if our book(s) haven’t been published yet, and so we wanted to explain it here.

Y’all, the process to get a book published is no joke.

When we first set out to write Remember Us, we were not well versed in the writing world.

We did not know that a writer often pitches their story idea first to a publisher or agent, and when/if the pitch is accepted they then write the book.

Nor did we realize that the publication industry has a large deal to do with a platform and followers.

Learn as you go, right?

We thought simply having a well written, amazing story was all that was needed. But publishers want to sell books, and so they want to know you have a market of people willing to buy said well written, amazing book. Publishers look at a potential writer’s platform to see the size of their following.

It makes sense, a large following = large profit.

This website is our attempt to give a localized space to YOU, our faithful followers who are ready and willing to buy and read our books! This will also show publishers that they can definitely trust us when we say our story will sell.

Your participation in this process is very important (no pressure!).

Here are a few ways you can help our platform grow as we get ready to send Remember Us off to potential publishers in the next couple of months:

  1.  Stay engaged – This looks like following us on our social media outlets, “liking” photos, retweeting tweets, commenting on blogs, etc.
  2. Spread the word/Share the love – If you really love us and want to help expand our platform, share our website, blog posts and social media handles. Post to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and email everyone you know. If you have your own blog, write about us!
  3. Buy a billboard and put our faces and website up for all to see.
  4. Ask us questions, and tell us what content you’d like to see in this space.

Thank you masses for your continued love and support as we pursue our dreams of being published!

8 Comments on “The Publishing Process and How YOU Can Help”

  1. I believe in you! In what you are doing! I like how you didn’t just dream a dream but have actually taken steps toward the fulfillment of that dream. I am your biggest fan!

  2. No matter what we choose to do, we have to think like an entrepreneur. Ladies, I like the way you think!

  3. I can’t wait to finally be able to read your wonderful books! Until then I’ve been fully engrossed in your blog – love it all!

    1. Cat!!! You are The BEST. Thanks sooooo much for your love and support. 🙂 Can’t wait to talk your ear off in person “soon” (never soon enough.) xoxoxo.

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