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Our first round of beta readers and dear friends and sister, Anne and Catherine. Thank you for being the first eyes to see the (very terrible “first” edition of our) book.

Catherine, you broke our hearts when you told us you didn’t love any of our characters and that you were bored by our story… but you were right and we are forever grateful for your candor. Our characters thank you too.
Anne, your friendship and cheering has kept us going through many a long day and every long edit. Your loving yet truthful edits challenged us to dig deeper and pull more out of our characters. Bernice thanks you.

Mama for letting us use your name, reading an early draft of the book, and for commenting and liking on every single post we do! You are tied as our biggest cheerleader with ….

Mom and Dad, thank you for your unending support in this process and my life. For believing in Layne and me, for taking Carsen while we wrote, for celebrating every copy sold, and for being our biggest cheerleaders. It’s time to open another bottle of champagne.

Jonathan James who patiently supported me (Layne) when I left you for days (months, years) at a time to write at all hours of the day and night. Thanks for believing in my dreams.

Layne’s aunt M who helped make our book more realistic and who said “I love you bunches and am very proud of you. I know that if a person feels the need to write it is one of their gifts from God so you need to do it.”

Emily, Sarah, Penny, and Jessica for taking Carsen for long periods of time so I (Lindsay) could write and edit. You offered and said yes multiple times, and without your generosity this book could not have been completed.

Our second round of beta reads, Nicki and Sarah Kuban. You may intimidate us, but you have made us better writers. Thank you for being trustworthy with our baby. Sarah, thanks for teaching us to ““Kill your darlings, kill your darlings, even when it breaks your egocentric little scribbler’s heart, kill your darlings.” [Stephen King] Our writing will never be the same!

Courtney Brummer-Clark for your professional editing skills with our author bios and book. You are a no nonsense person that willingly gave of your talents because you believed in us. Your confidence in our writing ability kept us going. Thank you for reminding us who we are. Grateful we are.

Kevin Grimes for communicating Blake & Beckner to the world with great design. You made Blake & Beckner look good.

Everyone who responded to our cry for help with our company name. And especially Paul, who came up with the best name ever!

Megn who graciously read our book on a tight deadline and told us she believed in us. Your insights and love were both so helpful!

To our dear launch team (Suzanne, Savannah, Karyn, Hannah, Anne, Esther, Shellie, Michelle, Katy, Kimberly, Christi). Thank you for your jumping on board, reading online (ewwww!), catching our typos, and giving your feedback. You’re incredible! Most of all **thank you** for helping us get Remember Us into the hands of readers everywhere. We are forever indebted to you and can’t wait to champion your dreams too.

Our dear friend, Cambria, who shared her (twin) birth experience with us.

Bryony Sutherland, our rockstar editor and BFF. You keep us sane and we can’t wait to work with you for years to come.

Lee who has helped us with our Publishizer campaign and patiently talked us through the details.

Abby who has never met us but gave us feedback on our book anyway. We’re humbled and grateful!

Victoria who told us our book was well-wrought and well-written. You gave us the courage to keep going.

Jenny Bent who told us to narrow down our first-person narration to fewer characters. You were right and we’re still embarrassed by the of our book version you read.

Marcy who told us she loved what she read of our book and gave us the idea for Publishizer.

Those who pre-bought Remember Us, shared our Publishizer campaign link, emailed their mom, and sent word out to the masses via pigeon. You believed we were brilliant enough writers to spend money on before anyone else. We do not take that for granted. We have been humbled and grateful by every purchase.

Finally, and not at all least, THANKS to our amazing family of future readers – We stayed the course for you.

It takes a village, people, and we wouldn’t be here without you.

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