act here. love now.

Act Here. Love Now. follows the journey of 11 student photographers who had a vision to change the world. They traveled through 36 countries documenting the lives of those they met. As they took photos and heard stories, they were overwhelmed with the injustice and need they saw. But as the days wore on, the group realized they could make a difference, every day, with simple acts of genuine love.

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Remember Us

She said she came to be helpful.

When 25-year- old Ben Hamilton calls his twin sister, Reese, to tell her their father has cancer, she drops everything and races back to their childhood home in Nebraska. A few days later—and thirteen years since walking out of their lives without a word—their estranged mother, Bernice, arrives unannounced on their doorstep at 10 p.m. exactly with three suitcases, Rocky the Chihuahua sitting high in her fuchsia purse, and mascara running down her cheeks.

Over the following months, the Hamiltons begrudgingly grow reacquainted with each other, confront their past and explore a possible future, with a little help from Guru Carl, J. R. R. Tolkien, and a rusty VW van named Ernie. As Reese cares for her father and grapples with her feelings for the woman formerly known as Mom, she must also make a choice between two talented men, as well as a decision about her next step in her photography career. This alternately hilarious and heartbreaking novel pulls no punches in its exploration of forgiveness, love, loss, and the unexpected beauty of the people who share the same DNA.

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