Note to Self: to Be Read Once We Get a Publisher

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[Because this should be embarrassing to admit but sometimes – often? – I write myself notes.]

June 9, 2017

Dear Layne,

Congratulations! You’ve come so far, baby girl – you and Lindsay have a publisher. That’s a Huge Freaking Deal.

We’re so incredibly proud of you and know how hard you’ve worked to get to this place. We think it was worth it – what do you think?

I want you to take a deep breath, one, two, three of them and then come back to me.

I have some bad news: the hard work isn’t over yet. There are thousands of books to sell, more editing on the books you have on the back burner, more stories which have yet to be written.

But don’t freak out – you’ve got this. When the load seems overwhelming, too much to carry, too scary, I want you to remember where you came from.

Remember when Remember Us was just a teeny tiny dream?

Remember when your first draft was maybe 45k horribly-written words strung all-together, with no plot or theme?

Remember when you were querying agents and it hurt, every single rejection email an invitation to walk away and quit once and for all?

Remember when you didn’t know if you’d ever get an agent, let alone, a publisher? It was humbling, horrible, sad, and lonely.

I remember, I do.

So I’m here to remind you that the road will often look too steep, too littered with unknowns, but I want you to keep placing one step in front of the other and advancing every day, even a little, in the direction of your dreams.

This process has made you stronger, a better writer, a more persistent human. Hopefully it’s taught you a little about friendship and communication, love and grace too, as you’ve written all those hours and all those miles with a friend.

So get on out there, baby girl, take another step today, don’t forget where you’ve come from or where you want to go. Courage is waiting for you at the top of the mountain and she has places for you to go.



2 Comments on “Note to Self: to Be Read Once We Get a Publisher”

  1. Aww this is adorable, and such a good idea !!

    Thoses little things can be everything you just needed on bad days to have the strenght to continue, xx

    1. Exactly!
      The “journey” is soooo freaking hard in the middle of it, so I wanted to remember what it felt like when I was on the other side.

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