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 Did you know both sides of Blake & Beckner shaved their heads for no particular reason on separate occasions?

True story.

We also traveled the world and wrote on a different blog together. We called ourselves “LaySay” and dare I add, we thought we were cool. (Get it, Lay = LAYne, Say = LindsaySAY)

We have the same initials, LBG, and we both love red wine.

But unlike Layne, I never considered myself a writer. From a young age I loved to read. I read on the way to school, on gymnastic road trips, vacations, and in my room alone because I’m an only child.

I went on many mission trips during my teenage years and was obligated to write monthly updates leading up to said trips. While everyone else did not like writing their updates, I enjoyed it. In fact, dare I say I loved it and looked forward to having a “space” to share my thoughts. I sent my updates out faithfully and was told time and again that my updates were not only well written, but I communicated my passion and heart in a beautiful way. I thought nothing of it.

When I went to university I focused on my Studio Art major. Half way through, a professor from my college who received my updates through the years encouraged me to consider a communications minor. I took her advice with little thought and in 2008 found myself in an interview for a journalist/photographer position at a metro newspaper.

During said interview, I basically told my editors why they shouldn’t hire me. I focused on my inexperience and my portfolio consisted only of blog entries and a few college articles. They must have seen something because they hired me.

In that year, I grew both as a writer and photographer, but I still doubted my abilities.

In 2009, I joined an international nonprofit – queue the angelic choir as Layne entered my life – and traveled to 17 countries documenting the lives of people we met with nine other women. In 2011, we all co-wrote a book that received two awards.

After that, I hung up my writing. Not by choice, per say, but life. I got married, moved internationally, and had a baby. Maybe that’s why I reached out to Layne and asked to write a book together.

It wasn’t anything serious at first, just a way to stay connected with a friend and to start writing again. But over the last five years it turned into something pretty special.

I still doubt myself and my abilities, but putting our story out there for the masses to read and judge… I guess it’s me blindly boldly walking past my fear and doubt and taking a chance. And finally admitting that maybe – just maybe – I am actually a writer.

There is so much I want to teach my son, Carsen, and that includes to not only dream big, but to take action. Dreaming is a great thing, but without risky movement there would be no opportunity for juicy fruit.

So here we are – sink or swim.

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