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When we aren’t writing, we LOVE to read!

But life and being a wife and motherhood and jobs and simply being tired can, at times, make consistent reading difficult.

We wanted to share with you some ways we help ourselves read more:

  1. Don’t watch TV every night! I (Lindsay) try very hard to keep my TV viewing to one night a week. There was a season where this┬ároutine was incredibly easy and I got so much work and reading done once I put Carsen to bed (at 6 p.m. Don’t be jealous). Other seasons I have to remind myself to not just “check out” with the TV, and open up a book.
  2. Throw your phone in the trash and take the bag out to the curb (or put it in a cupboard or airplane mode or under your mattress). Distractions will keep me from reading, especially my phone and all the notifications, apps, etc.
  3. Be Rory Gilmore and have a book on your person at all times. This way you can read while in school pick up line, waiting for an appointment, on the train, etc. We learned this during our two year around the world travels. We had so much time waiting, that it was not uncommon for us to have 1-2 books in our purse or backpack to pull out at any given moment.
  4. Have another book “on deck” before you finish the one you are currently reading. This makes sure that you have a book to pick up the moment you close the last one. Stay in a rhythm. Once you break the rhythm, it takes time to get back into it.
  5. If you aren’t enjoying a book stop reading it immediately. I (Lindsay) do not fully agree with this method as I LOVE crossing off items on a list, and stopping a book mid read, no matter how much I’m not enjoying it, feels hard. However, I get the point. Why “push through” if you aren’t enjoying the book, when reading is supposed to be enjoyed?
  6. Schedule reading time on your calendar like you would schedule anything else. This could include but not limited to: Lunch breaks, commutes (as long as you aren’t driving *safety first*), bath time (my favorite!), evenings, etc.
  7. Keep a reading log and share it. Below is a printable book log you can use to write down the books you have read this year. So far I have three finished (Don’t judge, January and February have been difficult with two deaths) and hope to get it filled with many more!

Do you have an ideas that we missed?

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2 Comments on “How To Read More”

  1. #4 is huge I think. That is my problem. During Christmas I read 3 books (it was lovely) but since I’ve been back, none. I lost my sign-ins to get e-books from the libraries and was able to find one of them. So now, hopefully, I will be back at it (I LOVE TO READ!).

    And #5. Comment. I have found (never thought it possible) I can read 2-3 books at a time. So, maybe if it’s one that it not all that interesting once you’ve started, just start another and read a page or two, a chapter or two in the uninteresting book in order to finish. Just a thought….

    And I did download the “Books I’ve Read” form but since I am a horrible at journalling, I’m not convinced I will keep it up. But I will try. ­čÖé

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