How to Find My Writing Inspiration

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I’ll only speak for myself here, but there are a few things I believe┬ábring out the best in my writing self. On this sunny Monday, I’ll share a few of them with you.

1. Silence. I can’t write with music or noise at all.

2. Location. I hear I’m not supposed to bring my work to my bedroom, but I honestly love sitting in my bed. For hours. I rarely get tired of it. I did meet an author once whose sweet husband had built her a little writing house in their backyard. Talk about The Dream. So I would happily accept that as an alternative. As it currently stands however, our backyard is quite small so in our present location that’s impossible.

3. Taking breaks. I find it’s ideal for me to step outside, breathe in nature and ruminate through tricky plot spots or just generally clear my head. I also find walk breaks helpful.

4. Treats. Lots of treats. I’m a modestly healthy eater, but I’m a huge advocate for cookies, scones, chocolate covered espresso beans. I swear they take my writing to a whole new level!

5. Alcohol. I certainly don’t drink every time I write…but I do like drinking something a little stouter than water while I write. As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, I’m hoping to get on the gin train soon, but right now it’s currently cider or wine.

Glass of red, pink and white wine

6. Notebook. I see characters and storylines everywhere I go. Almost daily I find myself wandering into someone’s supposed background as they hand me a latte at the cafe or pass me on the street. I keep a running list of ideas, thoughts, phrases, so I don’t lose them.

We all find inspiration in a myriad of ways, and I’d advocate that it’s worth the self-reflection to figure out the ideal recipe in your own life for dreaming and living well. Because these handful of things aren’t only my perfect recipe for an afternoon of writing; they’re my perfect recipe for life.

Happy Monday, loves.


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