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Our goal of meeting with 100 book clubs over the course of this year is officially in full swing and we started Layne meeting a group in person in her town of Brantford, Ontario.

We want to hear about the groups we’re connecting with, so we compiled a list of our own questions.

Where it’s located? Brantford,  Ontario
Does your book club have a name? No, but maybe we should!
How many people attend? We officially have around 12 people in our book club, but we usually have about 5 in attendance to each meeting.
How long has the book club been going? For 7 years!
How did your book club start? A barista at Starbucks put up a flier saying ‘love Starbucks? Love reading? I’m starting a book club – let me know if you’re interested in joining.’ The first book we read was Onward by Howard Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks/all about Starbucks.
What genre does your group gravitate towards? We read a mix of fiction and non-fiction – probably more the former than the later (though this year we’re scheduled to read half and half.)
What made you decide to read Remember Us? Layne lives in our town and we wanted to support her!
Has there been an overall favorite book within your book club and why? We all LOVED Beartown and Against You – both by Fredrick Backman. We also loved The Paris Wife by Paula McLain which was one of our very first book club reads ever and Tell the Wolves I’m Home by Carol Rifka Brunt – it was gorgeous.
Full disclosure, what percentage of your book club is actually spent talking about books? What is the other percentage spent doing? Ha. It varies from meeting to meeting, but we generally do NOT talk about the books we’ve read enough. Some books certainly illicit more conversation than others, but in general we end up spending a great deal of each book club catching up with each other about kids, drama, our marriages, etc.

We are loving connecting with book clubs all over Canada and the United States and can’t wait to meet up with more groups this year via technology or in person. Give us a shout if you’d like us to visit your group! Email us at or  and let’s make a date!

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