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We are continuing to meet and connect with book clubs around the world and are loving hearing different people share their own experience with our book and characters.

Here’s a snap from our time chatting with WILF!

Where it’s located?
Laurier Brantford
Does your book club have a name?
WILF ( Workers Interested in Literature and Food)
How many people attend?
5-10 (but there are many more on the email list)
How long has the book club been going?
Many many years
How did your book club start?
I’m not sure; it was before my time at Laurier
What genre does your group gravitate towards?
Whatever we feel like reading, sometimes the visiting author at
Laurier or a Canada Reads pick
What made you decide to read RU?
Because we love it when we can read local authors and have them join us!
Has there been an overall favorite book within your book club and why?
Full disclosure, what percentage of your book club is actually spent
talking about books? What is the other percentage spent doing?
Probably 60-90% is spent talking about the book (unless we hate it).
Otherwise we talk about work and what we’re all doing in our personal

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