An Advent of Books

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So the punchline is: some of our friends collaborated to compile an “Advent of Books” for our Bèbè this year. What?! Yes, you read that correctly, they coordinated, conspired, and compiled a collection of books so he can open one every day between December 1 and Christmas Eve. Opening a book every single day? Yes, please. He’s basically living my dream! (And when we bring out his little gift for the day, he’s started to say “book”. He’s loving it!

…how any of us are going to cope with going back to “real life” which doesn’t equal a new book a day, I DO NOT KNOW.

But for now, I wanted to share our little story and a few photos.


We are BLOWN AWAY at this incredible and thoughtful experience for him.

This sweet gift will literally double his collection of stories and since we read him books all day long, we will all treasure this offering for years to come.

Here’s to hoping this Big Kindness will inspire us to all share a little more kindness in our world today – for isn’t that so much of what Christmas is all about? I think it just might be.

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