A Rose by Any Other Name…the story of our Names

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It’s official, our website is launched, and we’re celebrating in our separate corners.

Thanks for visiting our writing site; we’re excited for this space. We’ll use it to share our writing journey, give you snippets of our books, engage in conversation with other authors, etc.

For today, we thought we’d give you a bit of background on our names.

Blake & Beckner 

as well as

Lindsay Blake


Layne James.

That’s a lot of names to process.

We’ll go in backwards order.

Why Layne James? 

Layne: Mostly because I want to. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been imagining what pen name I’d give myself. Layne James appeared when I got married a few years ago and lobbied my then fiance for us both to drop our last names and to take his middle name (James) as our new last name.

It was a “discussion” I didn’t win at the time.

Yes, I’m tempted to use “Layne Beckner” for the sake of simplicity, but I think Layne James is cuter. What do you think?

Also, I’ve heard a lot of stories about authors being mobbed, so I need to protect my identity.

…said every author never.

But also, I want a pseudonym.

Why Lindsay Blake?

Lindsay: Lindsay Blake is what I used at the newspaper. It’s my middle name but it was easier to say that Carstensen (maiden name), and I’m just continuing to use it.

What about Blake & Beckner?

Most authors have a website that’s theirname.com Since we’ve written two books together, we decided it made more sense to come up with an umbrella name for the two of us. When we started talking about what that would be, most of our conversations came to a grinding halt.

Picking names really isn’t our favorite.

We narrowed down our choices to a small list and asked for your thoughts. You came through.

We had lots of votes from so many of you (thank you!) and then Layne’s friend Paul suggested Blake & Beckner Writing Co.

So simple, so obvious.

Definitely dignified.

Aided by the fact most of the URLs for the other names were costly, this became the apparent choice.

Let us know what you think and also what nom de plume you’d choose if given the choice.

Happy Wednesday. Please drink some champagne and celebrate with us. Oh, and don’t forget to tell all your friends.



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